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120% After 1 Day, 400% After 3 Days, 680% After 5 Days,
Min/Max: 10 / no limit
Referral: 5% - 2% - 1%
Withdrawal: Manual
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Our Investment: $100.00
Payout Ratio: 20%
Last Payout: Dec 15th, 2022
Added: Jul 9th, 2022
Monitored: 513 days
Lifetime: 513 days

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Very Good [email protected]
Aug 8th, 2023 09:21:24
This is what turning your network to your Net Worth means thank you for my 108% investment payout today to my e-wallet admin.
Very Good [email protected]
Aug 8th, 2023 09:04:08
$900 deposited and waiting patiently for my payout after twenty-four hours.
Very Good [email protected]
Aug 7th, 2023 10:53:02
Of course this site is performing amazingly well but credit should go to the right channel... The Admin.
Very Good [email protected]
Aug 7th, 2023 09:35:19
Thank Goodness I know how to be on the driver's seat and then feel the need for speed with Fregon Fund has my high gear.
Very Good [email protected]
Aug 4th, 2023 14:20:43
Kudos to AsiaHyip, you made me free from societal and family blame by bringing FregonFund to limelight for me and others in the business.
Very Good [email protected]
Aug 4th, 2023 14:06:18
To have a well-structured financial stream more and quick-responded program like this is more needed... USDT gained, Hash: 8f95225ac9fd07fdc37470f6f2181d691d6b3fe800c032eeee7c4bb929163cf
Very Good [email protected]
Aug 2nd, 2023 15:53:33
Since been looking for a sign to enjoy this program with friends now here comes with one... a withdrawal is done.
Very Good [email protected]
Aug 2nd, 2023 15:27:48
Just keep paying, I love the way you made my money counts. God Bless.
Very Good [email protected]
Aug 1st, 2023 05:28:05
So true with the Automatic with instant payment system in depositing and withdrawal, that is what I need.
Very Good [email protected]
Jul 30th, 2023 04:48:07
I'm a very big fan of you, admin and I am now building a large fanbase of your program since I have discovered that Most haven't realized the complexity in your ability in this business.
Very Good [email protected]
Jul 29th, 2023 03:21:07
Receive Payment: 665.14 USD to account U32059158 from U34266689. Batch: 532048$$$. Memo: Payout from Fregon Investment Fund
Very Good [email protected]
Jul 29th, 2023 03:03:32
Fregon Fund has sent in my request withdrawal, withdrawal to 15MdircCc1wiptXnf2YPzRAifr6uyVXYo3, Hash ID edb0b128efeddbdc6f7b5bec01637f89e59fa2801055459c48409d62410edc68
Very Good [email protected]
Jul 24th, 2023 08:44:07
Referral payout received to my refID.
Very Good [email protected]
Jul 24th, 2023 08:31:55
Received Payment: 3030.72 USD to account U42331412 from U34266689. Batch: 532849010. Memo: Payout from Fregon Fund
Very Good [email protected]
Jul 23rd, 2023 15:17:02
Administration like this that works seven days in a week is very rare I got paid successfully today being weekend(a Sunday to be precise) I'm impressed.
Very Good [email protected]
Jul 23rd, 2023 14:48:37
1,500 USDT Hash~0b1d349edfba47ff0919db9ae5eec39c65db895e5c6aaf732cdcab6471c0b81d
Very Good [email protected]
Jul 23rd, 2023 13:17:00
This project is truly beautiful and... PAYING! $4777.50 was sent from the Fregon Fund Investment program. Thank you for my payout.
Very Good [email protected]
Jul 22nd, 2023 14:44:28
Harriss7376 payout to my wallet. Payout ID;3940273. $1007.59.
Very Good [email protected]
Jul 15th, 2023 03:13:11
Operation Completed! BCH... To qr05v49yce6ctv57vmggkk4d8s78k6lqpyn07j2puz 35.12836000 BCH processed.
Very Good [email protected]
Jul 15th, 2023 02:28:40
Thanks to my brother who introduced me to your program it has turn to good importance for me as income is stable.
Very Good [email protected]
Jul 14th, 2023 01:17:20
Transaction of 976.58 USD to account U40738188 was successfully completed.
Very Good [email protected]
Jul 12th, 2023 14:19:00
Very impressive and willing to deposit again.
Very Good [email protected]
Jul 9th, 2023 06:08:41
Payment completed. Payout to U29199700 from U34266689 Batch no: 529004136
Very Good [email protected]
Jul 2nd, 2023 04:09:12
From: 0x0be86de34cb4401160CD92C8a3b43e7493C33F65-To:0x73689A101d32A6F517FB7f6f44fe692a513f3614,Ethereum withdrawal completed. 5.218940374629388 ETH ($9,999.18)
Very Good [email protected]
Jun 30th, 2023 15:26:40
Received To-0x489a6c58efa1c7a31dbe7bdc0a1c620889 PAID. 2023-06-30 12:56 ERC-20 USDT 601.05.

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